Hi. I’m Becca.

I launched Working Yoga Momma to support busy working mommas who are seeking Yoga Wellness to help balance out their chaotic lives.  I’m a busy, working mother too.  I strive to integrate wellness concepts into all areas of my life…to create a sense of calm throughout this challenging storm of working momma hood.

I LOVE my career as an orthopedic and pediatric physical therapist. It is my life calling…just as being a momma to my kiddos is my life calling. I go to work every day knowing that I’m making a huge difference in the lives of my patients and their families.

I also own a small business. With Mountain Harmony Yoga and Bodywork, I teach yoga classes and offer massage therapy & Wellness Coaching to my sweet, tiny Colorado town. Again, I’m so fortunate to have a career that I love.

This will be Real Yoga Wellness concepts for women who are trying to find balance while embracing their true, beautiful, brave, sometimes messy, sometimes f**ked up selves…all the while trying to raise socially conscious kids to be amazing people.

Please, let me know what I can do to help YOU.