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Being a working mother is an amazing journey of wonder, humor, and growth.  But let’s be honest, it can be quite challenging too! Juggling work, mommy-hood, family responsibilities, friendships, housework, and self-care can be overwhelming and difficult to maintain balance.  I know, I always feel like there’s something that I missed…and usually, there is.  🙂

What is it that you are struggling with right now?  Is it lack of organization?  Time management, self-care, or healthy eating? Are you sleeping enough or drinking enough water?

Most likely you know exactly what you need to do to balance your life.  You have the knowledge of the important habits that you should and want to do.  I’m positive that you have plenty of education surrounding wellness and healthy habits.  And I’m also sure that for reasons unique to YOU, that you are neglecting the certain aspects of wellness that you need, to return to a balanced life

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It’s an amazing program with fun habits to implement into your day.  These habits have been proven to assist with life balance and promote happiness.

You’ll receive 7 Daily emails with easy habit challenges to implement into your daily life.  You can also download an amazing workbook, to assist throughout your wellness habit journey.  I designed it to augment to daily emails, and allow you to deep dive into these areas of your life.  Taking the time to write down your feelings, frustrations and goals helps to fully assess your personal journey and leads you to make the changes you need to thrive.

You also have the opportunity to join the Working Yogi Momma Facebook group, which is an amazing group of women with support, wellness ideas, and a gathering place to assist you on your journey.

Sign up for the challenge, download your workbook and start your journey.  Then stop by the group and introduce yourself!  You’ve found your tribe.

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