My Personal Books-to-Read List

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While composing last week’s blog post on my Recommended Reading List, I scoured the internet for book lists.  I was jogging my memory to see if there were any books that weren’t on my book shelf that had changed my life.  Turns out that yes, there were a few.  But there became a growing list […]

9 Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep tips working mothers

As many of you know, I champion sleep as being the single most important healthy habit for wellness and health.  After my second child, I suffered from insomnia for months which led to me having severe post-partum depression, which I recently came out about on social media. Placing sleep as your number one priority will […]

Stitch Fix Saves the Day!

Stitch Fix Working Mother

How much time do you have for shopping, in between the long work hours, parenting and managing the home?  Or do you even enjoy shopping anymore?  The last time I went dress shopping I had my daughter with me.  I was too overwhelmed that day to collect a bunch of dresses and take them to […]