I’m hoping you found this page because you’re a hard-working momma who is interested or committed to a yogic lifestyle. Maybe once, in pre-baby days you had time for a ton of classes, retreats, and books…but now not as much.

Or maybe you’re just getting interested now, and are wondering about what all the yoga hype is about.

I started this blog as a website to connect with other mindful working mommas whose lives are full. We work, we parent and most of the time we collapse into bed, exhausted and happy, though sometimes frustrated with the limited hours in the day.

I’ve found that working mommas are almost more isolated because of how FULL our lives are. Hopefully, we love our careers and find fulfillment in our days. Or sometimes we work just to put food in our children’s mouths. We network, we change the world, we come home to manage the home and parent our beloved little kiddos. Often when the weekend rolls around we just don’t have the energy/desire for small talk at potlucks, and just want to snuggle with our babies. We’ve had to say no to so many of the social work parties that we don’t get invited anymore. But still, we love our lives.

I’m there with you.

This blog will be Real Yoga Wellness concepts for women who are trying to find balance while embracing their true, beautiful, brave, sometimes messy, sometimes f**ked up selves…all the while trying to raise socially conscious kids to be amazing people.

Let’s share how we manage to keep our lives balanced. I’ll share wellness teachings from a Yogic point of view and make them pertinent to being a working mother. You share your brave moments and your breakdowns. We can support each other during this amazing, but often difficult time, and use these experiences to thrive in our own lives.

Please, let me know what I can do to help YOU.